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07 July 2006


samantha campen

That's a great post. You're right. It's not always an Aha! moment. Life isn't like that, so I appreciate what you wrote. I've never had a baby but the closest thing I can think of to what you're talking about is when I got married. I totally thought the minute we kissed at the alter I'd feel Like A Wife but I didn't. Not at the reception or on our honeymoon. Just gradually. Because that's how life is.

Congrats yet again. So exciting!

dear wife

Yeah, I did the same thing at the ultrasound. I kept having to repeat "That is inside of me." You think this would be easier for me since he likes to kick pretty much constantly, but it still has taken some time to sink in. I still do not think it will be totally real until I hold him in my arms.


Even after you hold them it's not always aha, either. You meet them, you love them, but it sometimes takes a few days before it sinks in that this little tiny you're holding? You made. Awwwwww!


Oh how sweet! Though I'm certainly not comparing the two, I remember seeing my cousin's belly move, near the very end of her pregnancy. And it was so clear- a little fist moving first right, then left, poking through her skin. Blew my mind, and this was her second kid!

Congratulations, ZD and DW!


K___ still doesn't believe there's really a baby in there despite the ultrasounds!

One good thing you get to understand by peeking at other people's baby blogs is that there's no such thing as normal for a lot of this stuff, and whatever works for you is the best. That's my take, anyway.

Teacher Lady

Beautiful post. Really - just some amazing writing. Somebody should be paying you for this stuff.

catching it all

I had to subscribe to your blog completely on the (amazing) strength of this comment alone: ". Maybe I've grown too accustomed to novelists and screenwriters using the "transformative Aha! moment" as a lazy substitute for character development, but that's what I really thought would happen. I thought I would see the sonogram image and experience a single transcendent moment of oneness with... well, I hadn't quite figured out what exactly."

Great writing, I look forward to following your journey! :-)

zygote daddy

Thank you all for your good wishes! I am truly humbled and touched.


Im sure we all feel like the world is crumbling around us lately. Reading this puts those thoughts to rest. Beautiful.

I wish you and your family the best, and thank you for making today a bit brighter.

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