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25 November 2007


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I used a rebozo to wear my son for the first few months. You can see some good information on how to use it here: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~elly/rebozo/
The rebozo I bought was small and my son is a big baby. After awhile it got to be too small to carry him in, and hard to tie, but it was one of the best baby item purchases I ever made. I'm thinking of getting the Ergo now. Thanks for the information.

Papa Bradstein

We love the Ergo as well, and our cheapo umbrella stroller does us well too, although we really like our BOB Revolution for longer strolls. At 16 months, we also find ourselves using the good old fashioned hip-carry often, since 3B alternates between wanting/needing to walk and wanting/needing to be carried. My only beef with the Ergo is that he can't face forward when we're carrying him in front. 3B loves to face the world, and he's still too short to see over our shoulders from the back.

Christian Pillsbury

There was only one thing left preventing me from being a father (aside from an unwilling wife), and that was a relative lack of information ;-)
I think this is a fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing
Also, The world without narcissists would be be a world devoid of (beginning with A): authors, artists, actors, animators, adventurers, athletes, etc.


There's also the basic ring sling, which has been such a lifesaver for us. We also have a big boy (probably 16 pounds or so at 3 months) and it nearly always helps to calm him down when he's fussy. We've tried him in a Bjorn, and he just doesn't like it as much, perhaps because his arms & legs are hanging out.

Thanks for starting the new site!


I always felt a little guilty for never getting into the babywearing thing. My son was 11 pounds at birth, and it just never felt comfortable. I tried a ring sling, which never worked for me, and then a Bjorn, which did work but I just always felt out of balance and my back complained. I've also read that the Bjorn style could be back for the baby's hips.

One friend of mine really liked her Korean podegi, which I guess is like a mei tai.

$25 umbrella strollers are awesome. I was so sad when my kids outgrew ours.

zygote daddy

Yes, we also tried a sling, but just never got the hang of it. Chins has always hated reclining, so when he was a newborn we had to use carriers that propped him upright but also supported his head. Hence the Moby.

And no need feeling guilty about anything. I figure babywearing doesn't benefit anyone if either the wearer or the wearee are unhappy with the situation.


I love our mei tai and I love my EllaRoo wrap. The only problem we have is that Ezra generally prefers to face forward when we are on longer walks outside, so we often have to use the Bjorn. However, he's outgrowing it and so I've been thinking hard about an Ergo, especially now that he's tall enough to see over my shoulder. I almost bought one yesterday, but I think you've now convinced me to go for it. Thanks!

And I love this idea for a new site.

samantha jo campen

This site is a little gift for me, isn't it? Because oh my god you are just so fabulous in your timing! I'm trying to complie a list before we register of things we need, and this is just so perfect.

Hugs and kisses!!!!


We have an Ergo and my DH loves it. I always feel like the shoulder straps are going to fall off me (I'm 5'3). But in your photo, it looks like the center strap is right up there on the shoulders--if I am wearing my baby in front, the center strap is still down mid-back. How did you get it up so high?

zygote daddy

Erin: The buckle just slides up and down the straps. When I wear him on my back, I need to slide the buckle almost down to where the padding ends. When he's on the front, I slide the buckle about midway up the padding, so that I can reach over my shoulders and buckle it just below my neck. Pretty comfy that way!


Thank you! Did you have to arrange it to work that way though? Mine doesn't seem to naturally slide to the point that it can clasp just below my neck?

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