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02 December 2007


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samantha jo campen

Now bust out the math: how many dipaers/inserts a day do you go through and how many washings do you do a week? How much would you say your initial investment was overall?

I'm also curious about what kind of diaper pail you use and what kind of diaper bag you have. But I guess that would fall under diaper accoutrements, so I'll be patient. But hurry up :-)

zygote daddy

Ah yes, I forgot to add all that!

Our initial investment was a little unusual, only $40 at a garage sale. We bought 24 Mother-ease one-size fitted diapers, snap-in liners (for at night), and I think 4 or so covers, all of which runs around $250 or so new. They had already survived through two kids, so they got a little threadbare by the time we retired them when Chins was about 5 months old or so.

Diapering a newborn @ 12/day with 24 diapers meant washing them every other day. Not totally unreasonable to do, but it gets old. Breastfed poop is totally water-soluble, so you don't need to spray off the diapers or anything; just drop them in the pail and you're done.

For a diaper pail we use a regular 13-gallon metal trashcan with a step-operated lid, and line it with one of these:


d.w. and I just put our heads together, and we think we currently have 19 diapers (15 pocket diapers of various types and 4 Happy Hempys for nights), which we wash about every three days. I think we'll pick up a few more, because Chins has recently outgrown a few.

Pocket diapers run anywhere from $15-30 each (and up, for fancy custom work). It really hasn't hit us that hard financially, because we've been able to pick up one or two at a time, as we've retired old ones he's outgrown. We've bought a total of about 30 diapers in addition to those first garage-sale-procured ones, and spent something like $400-500. Over the course of a year, that's not too bad. MUCH less than even the cheapest disposables would have been. And now they'll be there for #2 when s/he eventually arrives.

We could have saved even more money by only buying one-size diapers, which theoretically fit from newborn to toddler. Of the ones listed above, only Baby Kangas are one-size. Bum Genius are also good one-size diapers, but with velcro tabs, they don't stay on a curious baby very long. And they have a little flap over the pocket that makes removing the insert after a blowout a very nasty experience.

I hope I answered your questions!


Another way to save money is to buy used. Online a good source is diapertraders. There is also diaperswappers, but they have been giving people viruses so I would not recommend them right now. I have picked up some really good deals here and there by buying used. Also I have sold off some stuff I did not like and am saving the money to get a nice pair of shorties for this summer (wool shorts that serve as both pants and a cover, such a great thing.). I have bought some fun stuff as well which does add up our cost. It is not unreasonable to start up in the 200-300 dollar range. For instance prefolds and covers are a great way to start out with a newborn (what I plan to do next time) and cost a lot less. Also how we budgeted the money was to put aside a little bit each month for diapers. It was the amount we would have spent on disposables. This way we never had to come up with a huge chunk all at once.


Great post! And hooray for cloth diapers! We've been much less adventurous with our diaper choices and have stuck to Kissaluvs, Fuzzibunz and bumGenius. We've got about 25 one-size bumGenius right now and love them. Here's my post on CDing: http://growingacritter.wordpress.com/2007/10/09/greenin-it-up-for-the-critter/

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