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09 April 2006



Hey, I have 35 normal-minded friends...


Hey, I have 35 feeble-minded friends. Then again, my family is descended from the first vagrant created on the sixth day of creation, and we've been sprinkling DDT on our corn-flakes since we moved next door the nuclear reactor...


good for you rescuing those books. I like old books make great blog fodder, such entertaining (and frightening) old perspectives.

keep an eye out for old Victorian schoolbooks, too.

Papa Bradstein

I forgot to mention before that I still have the encylopedia set that my dad grew up with. It's from the late 30s, early 40s. It's a little unwieldy for the overhead bin, so it's still at my Mom's but I love to read through it when I visit. Someday I will find a way to get it and those cozy chairs of mine back here. Or find a way to get back to Cali.

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