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15 April 2006


the weirdgirl

Thanks for playing! And, this is really weird and maybe it's because I'm in the Bay Area too, but I just had a similar Rocky Horror flashback. Though sans the "virgin" lipstick branding, thank goodness.

Two other weird coincidences: I have the same thing about blankets that my hubby Keen continuously thwarts. I was diagnosed with (possible) Graves Disease while I was pregnant (I'll have to email d.w.).

zygote daddy

Got this from sis via email:

FF the GB,

My response to your six facts:

1. Yes, that was too much info.

2. It warms me to the depth of my soul to know that you have outed yourself as a dancing queen :)

3. I think some things are just genetic.

4. Black sheep can only be black for so long. Pillsburys love to drive...and drive stick at that!

5. Somehow you, like Christian, got over growing up around Princess (the cat, not the sister). I'm still working on it.

6. Women are smarter than men. That's not weird, it's just a fact.

That's all! (oh yeah, except way to bring back Officer Good Guy slash learn how to do that cool little strike through font thingy on your blog. very high tech)

Oh, and who knew about the rocky horror thing...that very reason is why I have NEVER been dumb enough, in all my 23 years, to go to rocky horror. I to this day don't know anything about it, except that it's a midnight halloween tradition with ridiculous costumes that don't strike me as remotely sexy and it plays after my bedtime. Maybe the bedtime thing is actually the reason I've never gone...

Either way, good blog!

sis :)


that's so weird. my friend had a similar experience at the Eagle Tavern during a performance of AC/D/She (lesbian ACDC cover band, I think) when a guy on stage asked if there were any virgins in the house and, as a joke, her friend pointed to her. They dragged her up on stage, while 300 shirtless hairy bears shouted VIRGIN VIRGIN VIRGIN at her. poor girl is still traumatized.


Shrinkage... Doesn't she know about the shrinkage?

Sorry, felt a Seinfeld moment there with #1. I love 7th Generation and Main Street as well (hence my run-in with da pimps).

Papa Bradstein

Cripes. It took me awhile, but I finally got to it. . .as for me, I think that I fell asleep during Rocky Horror. Whatever. The thing is, I don't recall. I was much more into dancing to Stop Making Sense and the TAMI Show, which also showed at the Varsity in Palo Alto, usually before Rocky Horror. "Dancing" is probably generous. "Manically, spasmodically flailing" is probably closer. Maybe why I fell asleep at the midnight show.

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