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28 May 2006



That totally sucks! I hope the rest of your stay is better.


That's totally crappy but on the plus side...your side of the road office offers a much better view than my cubicle.


Dude, that blows. And then you probably had to sit through a crappy commencement speech. Hope it all turned out OK

Papa Bradstein

Oh, but what a nice car to have fail on you.

And, truly, what they say about real estate applies here: it's location, location, location.

I'm with Jenny. I'd take that view over the one from my veal fattening pen any day.

zygote daddy

Indeed, Jenny. Circumstances could have been much, much worse. We webloggers do tend toward self-pity, don't we...

And yes, a 540 is a pretty goddamn awesome car for the CA coast. No complaints there. But then, even the most heavenly German engineering can be reduced to a rather pricey paperweight if something goes wrong.

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