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01 May 2006



It's ridiculous, isn't it? The true disgrace in all of this is that the credential programs they make you go through are truly the saddest excuse of an "education" I have ever experienced. With high need areas like science, though, you may be able to get away without a credential for a few years... you could contact local districts & see what they say.


I know that this is totally after the fact and that yes, you do have a Master's already (congrats! and good luck on the PhD!) but I feel like sharing. I graduated from the University that you are currently attending twice (once with my BS and once with an MAT = Masters of Arts in Teaching). If you want to go into high school science ed you need to look up the MAT alternative certification program or if nothing else, take a science methods class or two with the two professors who are in charge. It will change your life. Seriously. And in a totally good way too!

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