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18 June 2006


the weirdgirl

And Happy Father-to-Be to you!


ZD, I thought that was a great post. It's hard to articulate that type of thing effectively, especially between y-chromosomes.

Happy Father's Day to you!

Auntie M

You prefaced this entry that it wouldn't be a tear-jerker...well, I'm in tears, jerk!


Your children will be so lucky to have you as a father! I'll make sure I tell tehm that emphatically if I am lucky enough to hjave them for vacations sometime.


Me again. I guess I was so done in by your writing that I managed to post several typos. Eyes unclear!

zygote daddy

Jeez Ma, laying on the guilt a little thick, aren't we?


The Zygote and dw are so lucky.

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