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03 June 2006


Papa Bradstein

Yeah, those estimates are always a little suspect. When I was riding my bike more, in training for a week-long, 500 mile ride, I tried to find one accurate estimate of how many calories riding a bike burned. They were all over the map (graph?).

And that's in a sport with notable and well-funded OCD types like Lance Armstrong, who was known for weighing every bite he ate during training, to ensure that he arrived at the start line in perfect shape and at the perfect weight.

Even he had to admit that there was no way to tell how many calories bike riding burned.

But maybe the ice house movers are better informed. Now all I have to do to lose this weight is find an ice house.

dear wife

Do you think feeding animals includes pouring food in the cats bowl? Oh well, at least right now I do not have to be concerned with losing weight; that will be next year.


According to this, I can sit on a couch and drink half a beer an hour and basically break even. But it doesn't rate the "activity" of drinking beer, so I'll multiply that number by....let's say 20....so I think I'm OK!

Woo hoo!

zygote daddy

Yeah, I apparently burned like 2,000 calories driving around looking for a sofa yesterday. I'm starting to think the pro-sitting-on-your-ass lobby came up with these numbers...


I am dying with the suspense here. Does dw have a "she/he" or a "they"????


I find it peculiar (to say the least) that cleaning a church burns exactly twice as many (kilo?)calories as vigorous sexual activity...


This site also claims that sitting at home reading the Bible consumes 20 calories MORE per hour that making out/heavy petting.
I don't mean to rock the boat, but c'mon!

zygote daddy

Well, I wasn't going to mention that, since OUR DEAR MOTHER reads this blog, but whatever...

Clearly, God is punishing evil dirty sinners by making them fat. Or something.

Oh, and thanks for increasing my readership by steering this way any pervs who Google "church" and "vigorous sexual activity". Whatever gets 'em in the door, you know?

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