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13 June 2006


dear wife

Oh think it became even better when next she looked at zygote daddy and said he looks kind of like him, tall and blond. I was like what the fuck. I experienced this and still cannot believe it.

Papa Bradstein

I'm sure that Tom is a really nice boy. If he really exists.

Maybe she thought that you were Tom, ZD. Maybe you could get lots more free stuff if you just went over, acted like Tom, and "borrowed" a bunch of stuff.

Then again, that would probably damn you to coming back as a gnat, but it might be a fun performance art installation piece.

D.W., as your part in this piece, I think that you should call this woman, say, "What the fuck." and hang up. Eight times a day.

And, ZD, you really are a nice boy yourself for plugging my blog.


And for plugging mine too - many thanks! :-)))


What an awesome idea. I'd totally use it to swap the mountain of toys that Hailey has become bored with for a new mountain of toys that she's get bored with in a week.


I do the freecycle thing as well, although I did get totally creeped out by this guy who sent me like 20 emails wanting my moving boxes that I had posted. I got a major John Wayne Gacy vibe and ended up giving them to someone else.
Farm Lady sounds very colorful. I LIVE for meeting characters like that.

zygote daddy

yeah, there are some, er, interesting characters out there are well. There was this one guy — well, you can read the comment I left with Dad-to-be and see for yourself:


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