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01 June 2006



Not to alarm you, but twins have occurred on your maternal side.

Uncle Cali

Perhaps instead of twins you have an NBA forward? The thought of you and DW kissing a 6ft. 4th grader goodnight makes me chuckle...


Twins run in my family, too. Thing is, I only want 2 kids, husband wants three. The first baby will probably gestate solo, but I'm willing to be big bucks the second does so tandem. Oh. My. God. Good luck at the US appointment!

Papa Bradstein

That is a bit daunting, but you will adapt and grow into it and be just as wonderful parents to both zygotes, if there are two, as you would be to one zygote.

Mama and I have often wondered what twins would be like...now we may find out through you. You may be even more lucky...a coworker just announced that she's expecting triplets.

As for the correct term--don't whales come in pods? You wouldn't want to wish whale-sized zygotes on d.w., methinks (or use the word "whale" around her while she's pregnant). "Flock" might work, although they might come out with long, flippy, 80s haircuts and an affinity for synthesizers.

Can they listen for multiple heartbeats?

Danielle in Iowa

Now, was she vegan or just vegetarian prior?


zygote daddy

No, she hasn't gone vegan in 5 years. Good timing on that article, by the way...


Yikes!! K___ would like twins but I'd prefer not (as though there's any choice in the matter).

However, there's some definite advantages;

1) You get to name them after a double act...
2) Assuming your family is completed with two, you only have to go through the 'radioactive poop' stage once. Admittedly with twice as much.
3) Since by all accounts coping one newborn will leave you 100% shattered, coping with two cannot double the fatigue (not sure about this one...)
4) They leave home at the same time!

To boldly go onto a different subject, I always find it interesting to see the US facination with split infinitives. In the UK it is now pretty much accepted that there is nothing whatsoever wrong with splitting infinitives! The whole thing came about because of a ridiculous notion that the English Language should conform to the rules of Latin. Since you can't split an infinitive in Latin, some bright spark decided you shouldn't be able to in English. He conveniently managed (!) not to notice that English is almost, but not completely, different from Latin...

Incidentally, I recently finished a magnificent tome about the Enlish language by an American author called Bill Bryson. Bryson is one of the funniest writers out there, but I believe he's very much more successful in the UK than in the US. Anyway, 'The Mother Tongue' is heartily recommended.


zygote daddy

Ah yes: "To boldly go" is one of my major professor's greatest pet peeves (what I think you Brits call a "pet hate", no?), and I must admit it is rubbing off on me...

And thanks for the book tip. I think Mother Tongue is the only one of his books I haven't read yet, and I've been meaning to pick it up for some time now.

I must admit those are some, er, benefits. Of course, along with leaving home at the same time comes going to college at the same time... but maybe it's worth it to have our very own Sonny & Cher, Siegfried & Roy, or Bonnie & Clyde.

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