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07 June 2006



I guess my mother's intuition was off for those 9.5 months because I was SURE she was a boy. Made for a nice surprise, though.

Danielle in Iowa

My procrastination this morning has yielded two more fitting articles :-)


Papa Bradstein

Yes, you did offer a citation. Was that going to be in APA format? And thanks for holding back. My least favorite items to edit are citations and references.

As for the sex of the kid, there's an exception to every rule, I suppose. Mama, her mama, and Mama's grandmama were all sure 3B was going to be a girl until the ultrasound. With that in mind, we didn't even consider boys' names until he flashed us at week 20.

How sure are you that the zygote is solo?

zygote daddy

Well, PB, I just go by what the good lady tells me. :)

I figure that at this point, if anyone would have an idea she would...

But we'll find out for sure in a few weeks.


I was sure my first was a girl (I was right).And oh-so sure my 2nd was a boy. (I was quite wrong.) And, at one point, I was measuring big and they checked to make sure the babe was flying solo in there. She was. She did come 31/2 weeks early and was almost 7 pounds. (I'm a scant 5 feet tall, so that was plenty big.) So what am I saying? Be ready earlier than your due date.
Oh, and my dad specialized in entomology at ISU- he didn't get paid $7.50/hour to look for prairie bugs, though. It's one of those situations where you've got to ask yourself, "is this better than a job where you have to ask "do you want fries with that?"

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