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15 June 2006


Papa Bradstein

Thanks for sharing your pain. Now I'm sitting in my cube with "Every Rose Has Its Thorns" screaming through my brain.

That truly is a bummer. The guys who I rode with in the Forest Service, on the rare days I hooked a ride with them out of our cabin, cranked up the Dead most days.

Not a bad way to wake up.


Can you kidnap the CD? Hold it for ransom?
Look at it this way, if it were GOOD music, then you'd forever associate it with walking beans. (I know you're not walking beans in the true sense of the word, but you catch my drift.) I do kind of like that Phil Collins song and was suckled on Neil Diamond, but the rest? How do you resist the daily urge to stab yourself in the eye with a fork?
Their music needs a facelift. You're the one to do it.

zygote daddy

Actually, I was really evil and told Dusty I wanted to borrow the CD the other day. I didn't tell him, of course, but I needed it so that I could look up the bands and song titles and thoroughly ridicule them (and him) in this here weblog. I'm sure I'm going to Hell now.

dear wife

Oh that seems good compared to the crap they listen to about high school romances turned bad. I would pick that any day over some of the stuff they have forced on me while in the lab. My personal hatred is the chewing tobacco. Really good combo with a pregnant woman having morning sickness.


Re: going to hell.
I'll see you there! ;)


I won't tell you which two of these songs live happily on my ipod...

zygote daddy

Well I do seem to remember that Whitesnake tape you had as a kid... Could we be feeling a little nostalgic? Hmm?


Oh, man. Sometimes I listen to shitty music, but there are two differences: a. I know it's shitty, and 2. I listen to it alone, y'all.

My husb's favorite song to play on his guitar is "To Be With You" because you use your thumb in it. derrrrr. Maybe not his ultimate favorite, but you get the idea.

zygote daddy

Good point Lauren. It's not necessarily the songs themselves (though there sure are some doozies...), but rather the combination of a) the total seriousness with which it was compiled, b) the tobacco-chewing, Mountain Dew-slugging air guitarness of it all, and c) the repressed homoeroticism of two conservative Iowa farm boys.

[insert tedious brokeback mountain joke here]


I can't understand why anyone would bother making a mix tape of those particular songs. Surely that's the standard tracklisting to those Soft Rock Classics Vol 1-20 compillations that you can pick up for a couple of pounds (sorry, bucks) from the remaindered bin on the counter in every store ever? It's probably cheaper to buy new than it is to buy a blank cassette and tape it yourself...

Motherhood Uncensored

Oh Mr. Big. Hahahahahahaha.

If that's a rock classic...

Oh man.

However, I did used to think he could possibly be a woman in his video. I used to watch it and try to figure it out.

Teacher Lady

That is the world thing I have ever seen and I would have to shoot myself in the head. Or at the very least poke myself in the eye. Repeatedly. Just to distract myself.

Teacher Lady

Hello? Proofread, please. The WORST thing I have ever seen. The worst.

dutch from sweet juniper

I would add queensryche's "silent lucidity."

I totally wish I'd gone behind the curtains and made out with the cute jewish girl I slow danced with to that song back in 1991.

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