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20 July 2006


samantha Jo Campen

I KNOW! That MND post had me reeling. Thanks for brining it up again.

And I post about my cat occasionally, but I am *not* a 14 year old girl.

Just wanted to get that straight.

samantha Jo Campen

I meant MNG not MND. And that equals Mr. Nice Guy, so I really did myself no time-saving favors by abbreviating, since this explination is longer than my previous comment.


Right, do you wanna send me a bill for how much I owe you for reading your blog thus far, and I'll do the same for mine..?

(I have the strangest feeling this is going to screw with the whole joy of blogging, but if it really must generate income (and let's face it, there's no point doing anything unless it makes someone some money, right?), then I suppose I'll have to get with the programme.


I, too am guilty of writing about my cat. He was wearing a cowboy hat, though, and I'm like, so NOT 14.

zygote daddy

Samantha -- You mean like today? :)

But seriously, your cat is totally Tequila's doppelganger. Weird...

the weirdgirl

Dude, you make me LAUGH!

And no one should knock those cat posts. I was just looking at Technorati's Top 100 Blogs and, except for Dooce (she's always there), there was not one parenting blog, but there were a couple cat and dog blogs. In the top 100!

Papa Bradstein

Ruthlessly brilliant as always. I so wanted to start a cat blog, but I'm allergic, so we got Barfy, the fearless cotton eater and had a baby instead. Oh, and I'm SO not 14 anymore, and I'm not a girl either...hey, I guess that by his logic, that means that I'm not a blogger.

Josh & Jenny

Ok, so admittedly we both have MySpace and even Facebook accounts. With that said, is it sad to still have to ask what ROFLMAO stands for...?

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