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19 August 2006



I missed the Iowa State Fair this year (maybe the 6th time in my 27 summers I haven't attended), thanks for the recap. The Minnesota fair is good, but just not as interesting as Iowa.

My husband and I went to Iowa State and our families live in Iowa - it's great to see an outsiders perspective on all things Iowa.

Good luck with the zygote! How is dw handling the heat?


Are we feeling just a bit smug and superior??? Of course I wouldn't really want to be the 11th place finisher in the feed corn contest.

spain dad

I'm a big fan of the macaroni and cheese on a stick (also noted at the Iowa State Fair). Yum! ;)

dear wife

Macaroni and cheese on a stick. I must have missed that, oh well guess there is always next year. I remember our first trip to the fair and I was so excited because of the vegetarian corn dogs. Now that is a good fair in my mind.

zygote daddy

So... I'm trying to figure out the logistics of macaroni and cheese on a stick. I would think it would have to be battered and deep fried. My arteries are aching already.

samantha Jo Campen

Any cow pie contests? Cuz ain't no fair complete without 'em!


Did you venture to try a deep fried Twinkie? Ostrich burger?
And yes, that was some fucked- up college dating brochure.


You may laugh, but the pork chops on a stick is one of the ten best things I've ever eaten in my life. No joke. That good.

On the other hand, anyone who is that discerning about corn really really really really needs a life.


First time I've cruised through your page here - me, i'm looking forward to our local fair like...a girl of my age probably shouldn't...but you're right about one thing: fairs seem to be an annual convention of the rather knuckle-dragging, fanny-pack-wearing patriotic public...

I get excited to visit the display cases full of award-winning pies...a week or so into the fair when they've all begun to mold. strange and wonderful...

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