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06 August 2006



SO cute, she is!


I would sooo love to have an audio to go with this. D.W., ya look fantastic. The Zygote is coming along quite nicely.
(oh, and BTW, I love the color of your bedroom.)


Wow, DW, you look amazing! I love the narrative quality of these photos, too, silly ZD!


If it makes her feel any better, I can absolutely feel the love straight through from your side of the camera.

Papa Bradstein

D.W., you look wonderful, as does the zygote.

Love the photos, love the love in them, love the quilt, love the white picket fence, love you guys.

samantha Jo Campen

Pregnancy brings some nice boobies :-)

She looks great.

And I, too, love the decor of your bedroom!!!

zygote daddy

Haw jeez, guys...


Oh gee...I miss that part of being pregnant...or that part of nursing.

...you think they're big now....just wait til the milk comes in!


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