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11 August 2006



Hey, hey! Congratulations, ZD. Great news.

samantha Jo Campen



Does this mean we should now call you Master Zygote Daddy?

Congratulations on a lot of hard work done well!


Whoo Hoo! Go and celebrate! Wonderful news, just wonderful.


Congrats! I just wish they weren't so easy to get ;)


Cue Rocky theme song

Yay, ZD!!

Papa Bradstein

Outstanding, Red Team. A case of beer for you for that one ... you know, after you wake up from your three-day nap.

I saw this when you posted it, but something about having a kid has kept me from responding as fast as I used to. Imagine that. (I'm not sure how MD does it. Must be able to get more done in a NY minute than in a DC minute.)

zygote daddy

Wait a sec... Isn't "Master" what they call a kid before he becomes a "Mister"? Am I missing something here?

Art Nerd Lauren

That's how it works on the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, ZD!


Well, aren't you going to get a PhD next? Then you'll be Doctor ZD...even better than Mister.

Plus, who wants to grow up anyway? Being a parent is grown up enough as it is.

Dad to Be

Congratulations, sir! :-))))

Teacher Lady

Woo Hoo! Congratulations!! Good on ya.

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