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17 August 2006


samantha jo campen

OMG I love that crib where did you get it????!!?? You have to post pics when the nursery is done.

Yes, it is frightening how obsessed I am, but I live kinda far away so no immediate threat.

zygote daddy

Ah yes, it's Bratt Decor's Dick crib, which I first saw on Daddy Types a while back. It was an unbelievably difficult task trying to find a crib with clean lines that was neither cheaply made nor cost a thousand bucks. This one certainly fit the bill.


Get used to the cats getting into anything that is the baby's.

Our younger cat used to love sleeping in the bassinet when the baby wasn't in there.


Got to love freecycle.

Our cats liked the bassinet for naps, until the baby came. They they stayed the hell away from that crying, wiggling thing (the baby) and its bed. (Don't worry, I don't call my kids "it", that's the cat talking.)

the weirdgirl

Ha ha! My cats used to sleep in the crib too. Then they moved to the changing pad.


Ha! that's right, I forgot ... our one cat went through his changing pad phase, too!

It is strange, the one cat who sleeps on all my daughter's stuff is the one who won't come anywhere near her.

Of course, her yelling every time she sees him doesn't help...


I am well familiar with the cat in places she is not supposed to be. Good luck with that one. (Although hopefully yours is a bit less...er, agressive...than mine)

Papa Bradstein

Great work, all. Way to go, in laws. The Zygote will feel very welcome. We're storing 3B's dolls in his crib for now, so Barky won't take them over as his own, which he does when we leave them in reach. No idea what we'll do when 3B has to actually use his crib. Perhaps create a mobile with them. Yeah, in my copious spare time.

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