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24 October 2006


Papa Bradstein

Yes, you do need a baby. When is that zygote ever going to arrive out here, where we can see cute pictures of it? OK, I'm done being impatient...for now.

As for the diapers, if you're like us, all the fecal involvement will integrate with your lives faster than you imagine possible when you get started. However, you'll never say, "Holy crap!" the same way again.


Jackpot! Then as the babe outgrows them, sell them on eBay and buy the next size up there too.

Also, just for fun, cut one of those disposables in half and pour water on it. Amazing, but creepy.


Hey, congrats on making one of the tougher decisions in pre-parenting!

Good luck with it! We started with cloth, but didn't have the will power to stick with it. Especially not once we found gDiapers.

We were fortunate, however, to not have to factor cost in as such an important factor.

Either way, you are doing better for our planet (and our children's planet) than if you used disposable!

dear wife

Actually they are the Motherease one size fits all diapers, so we really are set for the rest of the diapering years, just need to upgrade cover sizes.


What's the cost break down on the gDiapers? We've got our 2nd on the way and this is going to be an issue for us.

samantha jo campen

I already have it planned out that we are going to use Motherease one-size diapers. Let me know how it goes. And that is AWESOME you found a whole set for ONLY $40!! New it's almost $400 (which is still a bargain considering disposables would be $2000 in the long run). SO super congrats on a wonderful choice and a fabulous bargain. Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

And hurry up with that baby!

zygote daddy

NYC Dad: From a brief look on Froogle, a starter kit (2 covers and 10 liners) is $25, and the liners themselves work out to about 35-45 cents apiece.

That's 2-3 times the cost of most disposables, but if you factor in two years of accumulated karmic debt (and man, those interest payments will just kill you), it works out about the same... :)


we do cloth. you can wash them at home easily, by the way. also...you could consider ecing. elimination communication, potty whispering, whatever you want to call it. we haven't changed a poo diaper of lila's in several months & she's just ten months old. it's easier than you'd think, makes the kid happy, and definately, i cannot imagine choosing to change poopy diapers everyday...they sell little pottys at the ec store.


btw...if you want to read about our ecing, its at http://www.grizzlybird.net/2006/04/index.html#elimi

or there are lots of sites out there.


I did cloth diapers until baby #2 came. Then I didn't want to deal with that much laundry. I used Nikky wool diaper covers with great success, they let the skin breathe but don't get really wet, and they handled poop blowouts well. Had to buy multiple sizes though. And I kept all those cloth diapers, they still make good changing table covers and I'm using them as night time inserts in the 4-year-old's paper diapers until he's totally dry at night.

We used Seventh Generation until our income could no longer support them, now we get paper diapers at Target, because they're affordable and they're unscented.

As far as the characters, my kids have never noticed them, probably because they have zero exposure to media anyway. Target diapers have Care Bears in pretty muted colors and we just go with a "don't ask, don't tell" policy!

The environmental question is a big one, probably impossible to answer. Your trash goes to your local power plant...so I'm assuming that means the trash is burned? And how well are the emissions scrubbed? And does that power plant then produce the electricity to heat all the hot water to wash those cloth diapers, or does it come from some lovely coal or nuclear power plant? How much petro energy did it take to get my diapers to my local Target compared to shipping my Nikky diaper covers from Japan? Where does the energy come from to power up the water treatment plant that handles the poopy wash water?

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