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31 October 2006



Fantastic costumes, ZD and DW. You're definitely my kind of nerds! I love it.

dear wife

I hate to break it to you ZD, but that was actually two years ago. We really do need to get out more often.

zygote daddy

Wow. Now I feel particularly pathetic...


I always wanted to start the halloween tradition of dressing up as my favorite paintings. My husband told me it was too nerdy. I think this proves him wrong, ZD! This is said, well, typed, with love, of course. :)

Auntie M

Wow...I knew my bro was a big ole science nerd, but apparently I had NO idea! I'm glad to see you two own it so well :)



Funny though.

Still no baby yet, eh?

The suspense is killing me.

ALTHOUGH Cheeky was a week late, and I think the extra time in the womb mellowed her out. So there's that.


Lepidopterrorist? What, you'll wave your antennae at me? Or maybe you'll convice thousands of your winged brethren to converge upon the World Bank and fly in the faces of those evil capitalists?

Reminds me of "Killer Bees" by The Bobs: The bees, the killer bees are coming, spreading fear and terror in the land...

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