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25 October 2006


Papa Bradstein

Yow, thanks for the visual at the end there, ZD. I guess we'll call off our incense and Gaia prayer vigil and just wait for word.


I don't want to be the one to tell you not to do something, but I just made a mom friend who said that drinking castor oil was the worst mistake she made. It caused her to get so dehydrated prior to labor that she was really weak when they finally induced her. I'm sure it's been totally fine for others, but I just thought I'd make that plug, since it might be something nobody tells you...

zygote daddy

That's good to know. After all, drinking castor oil essentially amounts to poisoning yourself. But I wonder if that's any worse than being induced with pitocin, and chemically forcing contractions over the body's better instincts. I suppose d.w. will cross that bridge if she comes to it.

dear wife

Yep someone women handle it poorly and some have no problem. I am really not too concerned. I trust my midwife and she has been using it for years and used it herself, so we will see.


Wow...that was so much...information. I guess it's what I have to look forward to eventually :)


Holy argument for C-section Batman.


The thought of chugging caster oil, for any reason, makes me wanna vom.

She's a trooper, dude.


I wouldn't be worrying too much about castor oil just yet. The baby will come when he's done cooking.
During labor,I took blue (or was it black? don't remember...) cohosh tinture and it about made me gag. I can't imagine the castor oil. *shudder*
Hang in there, dw!

Art Nerd Lauren

ZD- can't you just have sex, that'll give the same results, no? And eat spicy foods? Or are all these Oprah show remedies that don't really work?

I hear DW on the whole barf front. I felt sickish in my class on Wednesday, totally overreacted, and sent them all home early. I should be studied I'm so afraid of throwing up. That's why I don't drink! And why I'm so happy to be blessed with migraines.

This is when I wish DW had a blog- how did you deal with morning sickness, DW?

dear wife

Well I did not go out of the house very much that is for sure. And no I was not one of the lucky ones who barely felt sick, I was one of the unlucky ones who was sick up to ten times a day. It was hell, but my body sort of got used to it and then I got lovely antinausea meds. And the body is an amazing thing, I do not remember the first trimester at all, those memories are blocked, funny. And I would have done the same thing with my class, I definately understand.

samantha Jo Campen

My SIL thew up a few times while she was pushing. She wished someone would have told her that could happen because she thought she was dying from the pain. It also didn't help that Ainsley was kicking the whole time Susan was in labor, but that's another story.

I wish you much success with the home birth and just hope that everything turns out with three healthy happy people (one being much smaller than that other two, of course).


Hi -- just found your site. Looks like I/we are about eight weeks ahead of you (i.e., we have a little human on our hands now and can look back at the castor-oil days of two months ago with a sepia-tinged fondness).

Our very Earth Mother-y doula gave my DW a castor oil-based potion she called her "magic elixir" on the day DW's water broke. I can't remember all the ingredients in the Elxir, but I do remember it required a half cup of champagne. The bubbly settled DW down so she could take a nap while I scurried around and packed stuff for the hospital (all the while taking pulls off the remnants of the champagne bottle, of course). Within four hours of the drinking of the Elixir, we had our daughter.

Keep working on the castor oil, DW -- it might just spare you a long labor. (And dad, go buy some champagne.)


This post makes me hurt so much I could barely laugh at "vagina empowerment".

But I managed to anyway.


I drank a lot of castor oil (I still shudder, drinking any kind of oil is just icky) and blue and black cohosh tinctures, and homeopathics...and none of it worked to induce labor at 44 1/2 weeks. For some reason, labor just wasn't happening.

I think things just work out how they are meant to be, and the end result of health mom and baby is what's important.

I would still try home birth and natural methods if I could (2 c-sections have precluded that unfortunately, plus I'm thinking 2 kids is plenty) and encourage you to do what feels right.

I think medicalizing birth has been both good and bad. On the one hand, things like Apgar scores revolutionized post-natal care of newborns. On the other hand, being strapped down to a fetal monitor makes everyone more likely to jump the c-section gun and makes labor pretty difficult and uncomfortable. My son would not be alive without major hospital care, but I think my daughter's c-section could have been avoided.

I'm thinking the best of both worlds: everyone start out going as natural as possible, then using hospitals when really necessary.

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