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30 November 2006


Danielle in Iowa

He's already an overachiever! Gosh, I am glad I don't have kids that would have to compete with him :-)


Oh-oh. Oldest child syndrome already!

dear wife

Or that I would actually get excited about being pooped on in the tub (After a day of constipation and listening to my baby howl in pain).

zygote daddy

Oh yeah. Yummy.


ZD and DW...he is so freaking cute that you're going to be AMAZED at what you'll put up with. Sounds like you guys are doing great. I'm loving seeing you guys experience parenthood. Bringing back a lot of fond memories.


way to foster that type A personality.

(heh heh)


Just wait. In a couple months, you'll just leave that shirt on!

samantha jo campen

See? Being shit on is old hat to you guys already!


At least it's still newborn baby poop...not too stinky yet. Just wait for potty training.

Hawkes looks wonderful... I love the weird things babies do with their toes.

Chris Hunt

I still distinctly remember changing my first diaper... the automatic turn of my stomach at the poop. I remember thinking, "Wow, If I don't get over this, it is going to be a loooong couple of years!"


So tell, me, how close is http://www.ironycentral.com/babymain.html to reality now?

And how weird is it to feel slightly jealous of someone because he's getting puked and shat upon?

Still, only about five weeks to go now...


You're just getting started, buddy. That stuff you're seeing now? Not shit. Three months from now? You'll have a new definition of the word "shit". And a year after that? God help you.

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