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20 November 2006



Man, he's cute! I love his hat.

Hope to see a lot more of this gratuitous cuteness!


What a snugglebunny!

Auntie M

He's a stuffed child! All you need now is a pram to snuggle him up in so you can leave him outside while you shop :)


So cute! Congratulations!


So sweet in his little peapod.


He doesn't look too happy about leaving the nest. First the womb, now the nest! Oh,the humanity...

samantha jo campen

Oh he's so tiny and cute! Gotta be all snuggly-buggly to go outside and it looks like he is:-)

L.A. Daddy

What a cutie! Remember... sleep whenever and wherever you can. Trust me on this one :)


Congrats! What a cutie!

dear wife

Yeah his face is all scrunched up because he decided he wanted to eat just as we were leaving for the 45 minute car ride to his appointment. Luckily once we got in the car my finger satisfied him until we got to the office and I could nurse him. I believe he is actually trying to eat the blanket in that photo.

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