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19 November 2006


Auntie M

Wow...that post really knocked the baby fever out of me. I think I can wait a little longer to go through that mystical, magical ordeal! Send my commendation to DW on her good work :)


OK ZD, when I was expecting you I was told I "might experience some discomfort", and you weighed in at 8 lbs. 9 oz. It gave new meaning to the concept of euphemism!


That's beautifully written, ZD. And yes, d.w. is incredible.


heck, your post made me teary-eyed. i never used to do that...it's a byproduct of that instant that changes things, i think. my own memories of birth are fairly otherworldly; raj was terrified, though impressed, by the birth...he didn't realize beforehand how hard it would be to see me going through so much pain. anyway...this is such a beatiful post, and congratulations to the both of you, again.

Papa Bradstein

Fabulous. Incredible. Beautiful. All three of you. And beautifully written.

another Amy

It is so true how everything changes. Your entire consciousness is altered forever now. It can be overwhelming sometimes--in an amazingly good way.


DW rocks! I'm so glad that you were able to work with a great midwife, who encouraged you to keep going even when things got tough. Blessings to you all, especially beautiful little Hawkes. Can't wait to hear more about him.



samantha jo campen

Made me teary too.

Congrats to D.W. My girlie parts hurt just thinking about it.


I've been anxiously awaiting these posts, and of course it happens on the couple days I'm away from my computer!

Congratulations. I can't imagine the strength DW possesses. But I also applaud you for taking it all in stride. I know I might have been tempted to call in the cavalry as soon as things got rough. But you both stuck it out and it all worked out beautifully.

He looks perfect, too. Congrats!


HOORAY! Sorry it took me WAY toooooo long to get here to say many congrats.

What a cutie...

I'm so happy for you both.

wood from sweetjuniper

Congratulations. I'm so impressed with both of you. Really, I'm just speechless. beautiful pictures, beautiful story, beautiful family.

catching it all

Congratulations and many many blessings to you all! Keep up the great writing - yes, all of us other parents out here await your words with bated breath! :-)


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