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25 November 2006


Danielle in Iowa

Oh my God, I practically peed my pants from the cuteness of that second picture!


I'm sure Hawkes will fit into his snowsuit sometime in July. Actually, judging by how fast he'll grow, February is probably more like it.

Uncle C

I think you're supposed to wear it like a purse... or perhaps string it between two trees so that H looks more like Grandpa Pillsbury?


when they're that tiny, it is awkward. and we were told to wait until the baby was a month old, though i think we started at three weeks. i let lila hang low when she was that little, more like a pouch in front. i never could get used to her up right, the way Hawkes is in your photo. I felt like i was squishing her...but, as with everything, i'm also told everybody finds his/her own way...


I wish I could give you some advice on baby wearing...it never worked out for me.

Milk comas, however, were a wonderful thing. I love that mouth hanging open photo! I miss having an instant solution to all the baby's problems.

They are so sweet at that age, just pushed over the edge into milky bliss, all of their being taken over by the processes of digestion and excretion...if you think about the incredible growth in the first year you begin to see why they sleep so much.


First of all welcome to the parents world. it's an amazing ride and I have the plesure of being a part of it for the last 4 years.

Regarding the baby wearing - it all depends on the wrapper you buy.

We are from Israel and we use something that is sold only in Israel but I'm sure that with the right reaserch you can get it.

It's wrapping that has 7 different positions. basically it's a big piece of fabric that you tie in different ways that fit different ages.

I know it's not that helpful but it's an amzing feeling for you and your baby to be together in that.

Don't give up and buy the baby bjorn stuff.
It's a totally different feeling.

samantha Jo Campen

"enthusiastic defecation" was freakin' hilarious!

Glad you are all getting into the swing of things. He has already changed so much since the first picture you posted!

You will now be my flickr pal :-)


The only rule we seem to have learned with babywearing (now at almost 12 weeks) is: what's comfortable for the kid at this moment won't necessarily be comfortable the next. Maybe we're doing it wrong, but I can't imagine there are any ways that we haven't tried yet. Anyway, keep your expectations low and remember to stay flexible. Hawkes is running the show now!


We got a Moby wrap that I've been experimenting with a bit, and it's obvious already that once I'm using an actual baby there is going to be a pretty significant learning curve. Around these parts there is a group called Boston Baby Wearers -- a bunch of parents who get together and exchange different wraps, slings, etc., and help each other figure out the best ways to use them. I'll most likely be seeking out their help!

And that's one cute kid you've got there!


I had the same problem with The Olive in the sling. She would make these weird noises and I would feel like she couldn't breathe and Wood kept saying it was right but I didn't believe her. Now I wish I had listened.


Whenever we put our critter in the sling for the first three months, we spent half our time checking she was breathing (to be fair we were doing some of that when she wasn't in the sling). Nearly a year and many carry positions later, she prefers the sling to any other mode of transport.

Papa Bradstein

I just had to get used to 3B looking horribly uncomfortable in positions that it appears will corrupt his posture for the rest of his life--and then falling asleep. It helps me to remember the size of the space that he just came from and that he can stick his big toe in his ear.


All I can speak from is experience, and I gotta say - wait until you have a 2 1/2 year old who wants you to carry her everywhere.

I definitely gotta start going back to the gym.

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