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17 November 2006


Chris Hunt

He's beuatiful! Congratulations! Now the fun begins...


Drew and I are so happy for you! Congrats! I can't wait to read more about him!


Congrats! He's absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to hear the details and see some more pictures!

Judith Watson

Congratulations. He's beautiful and so serene. It looks as though everyone deserves a rest. Daniel and I will be anxious to hear, and read, more. You two, or three now, are champs.


Congratulations! Your sleeping days are over! (Note that I'm writing this at 2 a.m., after spending five harrowing hours with our 10-week old.) Best of luck!


Congratulations!!!! He is so cute!




YAY!!!!! Congratulations - he's gorgeous!!


He's absolutely perfect, ZD. Congratulations to you and DW. Take care of that little one (as if that's not the only thing on your mind now!).

another Amy

He's beautiful. Savor every moment.


Welcome to parenthood. The ever, forever after, identity shift. You'll never be the same. You'll never love as much, as deep.

Life's miracles are sweet, sweet, sweet. Congrats on the new CutiePie.


YAY! It's truly amazing that DW not only gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, but also to a new blogskin! Wow!
Seriously, I love his name, and he is gorgeous- I can't believe how smooth his skin is.
Hold him and love him and love this new part of your lives.
Your fan in Eastern Iowa!

Papa Bradstein


He's beautiful!

All our love to the three of you as you embark on your new adventure.


Wow. Just wow.

Congratulations, a million times over.


Wow! Congratulations! He's so beautiful. We wish all three of you the best, and can't wait to hear more.


Congratulations, he is so beautiful! I was at a mother's circle when you posted last night, I know some of that good energy made it all the way to Iowa.

Mum to Be

Congratulations, he's lovely!


Wahey! Congratulations Zygotes one and all!! :-))))))

That looks like one very cute baby to me.


Congrats! Now when I wake up in the morning, I'll be able to read those 3am blog posts!

Hygiene Dad

Congrats on the arrival. Patience pays off.

Hawkes is an awesome name, btw.


Yay parenthood! Congrats to all three of you! M'll be thrilled to hear the news!


Wow! He's awesome!

samantha jo campen

Many congratulations to the three of you! He was definitely worth the wait! He needed a few more days to bake:-)

What a cutie! Can't wait to hear more details--and I love thenew look!! A fresh blog for a new family.

Uncle Christian

Congratulations! Megan and I are so excited for you... Hawkes is beautiful, and I look forward to being a corrupting influence ;-)



Auntie M

Yay! My first little nephew is ADORABLE! You two will make great parents (especially when some of the exhaustion wears off). Give DW and the newest little one big hugs from sunny California.


Such a cutie. Congratulations to you all!


wow. congratulations. i hope the delivery went well...and Hawkes is adorable. now what will your blog be called...



Look at those CHEEKS!





Hope you guys are doing well!

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