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03 November 2006



i promise you life in France isn't all wine and roses, perhaps your brother just doesn't blog about the 5 hours he has to spend every 2 months at the town hall trying to get his residence permit which is held up because it has to "travel all the way from paris", or the 20 minutes he spent on the phone with some comany (for which they CHARGED HIM to call at about 1 dollar per minute) trying to resolve a customer service nightmare.

dont get me wrong, i love being here, but it isn't quite what some people make it out to be :)


Yes, and don't forget the six weeks it took them to get online, so they could actually write the blog. But that's what's so endearing about total immersion cultural exploration.

Auntie M (aka Sister Bear)

I'm just wondering how I was able to miss the pretentious train altogether...must be my fabulously good looks, my staggeringly impressive brainpower and my phenomenal sense of style.

zygote daddy

No sis, it's clearly because of your modesty.

Le brother

Actually, I have about 4000 little thing happen to me every day, many of which require waiting in long lines. The French love to wait in line for some reason.
Of these 4000 thing, I get to remember perhaps 20 the next day. I then blog about one event every few days. By my poor math, that means each of these thing I write about is a one in 16,000 kind of thing.
I write about the stuff I want to remember... waiting in lines doesn't make the cut.

samantha Jo Campen

Holy crap.

Yeah, well, uh. . .I don't know. I tried to think of something whitty to make you feel better but I got nuthin'. Sorry.

Let's step it up a bit with the zygote, m'kay?

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