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04 November 2006


Danielle in Iowa

I really think that before any group can designate a "Nation [insert cause here] Month," there needs to be an act of congress or something. That's just ridiculous! And why do beards need a month? And why must it be "national?"


National Beard Month?
That's it, I'm not shaving.


I love all these random "National ____ Month"s. Even better are the days- reminds me of "Whacking Day" on the Simpsons.

zygote daddy

Well I'm just glad it's National Kindness Month to raise awareness about, you know, being nice and stuff.

Teacher Lady

On Ugly Betty, Vanessa Williams' character was going to a Breast Cancer Awareness luncheon. Her male assistant said, "The Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon is pink," and she said, "I know, but Alzheimer's goes better with the outfit." Loved it!! On another blog, I suggested a graduate students awareness month where everyone got to complain about their workload and drink lots of cheap beer!


God damn it. I just trimmed my beard to the point where it's virtually indestinguishable from a three day stubble. If only I'd known.

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