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31 December 2006



Oh, no. Bring back the cuteness! And Happy New Year to all!


Our baby smells like sour milk (especially in his neck folds) and urk (some call it spit-up). Why does urk have a different smell than milk that dribbled down his chin to reside in the incredibly deep neck folds?

The only time I've heard people talk about the "great baby smell" is when Jackson has been freshly washed, clothed, and lotioned up with a Johnson & Johnson product. I'm convinced that "baby smell" is a corporate conspiracy to make us feel bad if our kids don't smell fantastic at all times.

Parenthood sure does change the topic of conversation.

Papa Bradstein

Yes, nobody tells you about that, especially the J&J people, as Amanda points out. Fortunately for them, babies have the whole cuteness-is-a-survival-tactic worked out.


that isn't what the baby smell is! my step son still has that smell and he's 3 years old. he hasn't vomitted in god knows how long and he isn't drinking formula or milk.

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