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17 January 2007


Papa Bradstein

When we lived in New Jersey, Mom used to hang diapers out to dry on our clothesline, where they would freeze, as stiff as planks.

Do remember to warm those up before you put them on Chins.



Wowsers, stiff as a board eh?

When we did CD we would soak them in a pail with water, but mostly to get the smell out.

Have you seen those liners that you put in the diaper, they are like a heavy toilet paper. It catches most of the goo and you can turf it into the toilet.

I'm in Canada, "sunning" them is not really an option, but we didn't want to send them to a service where they get bleached and tortured.


That photo is hilarious. At first I thought it was a pile of borax, thank goodness it's snow!

I didn't worry too much about getting stains out of our cloth diapers as long as I knew they were clean. I did a 2-stage wash process that worked pretty well, and then I figured over time the stains would fade, which they did.


hilarious photo. did the stains come out?

we got to avoid all that need with the ec. now lila's saying, "pssst" when she has to pee or poo....pretty cool at 13 months! something i didn't really believe would happen.

i'm jealous of your snow...

samantha Jo Campen

(Filing that knowledge away for when we use cloth.)

Hope that wasn't every diaper you had, cuz man, his butt would be cold!

zygote daddy

Luckily those were only the funkiest ones. And after a little thawing in the bathtub and a spin around the dryer they were nice and toasty for his little bum. But next time I think I'll use a clothesline, rather than just laying them in the snow...


We don't use cloth exclusively as our little miss wakes the instant she pees into a cloth, but not so with disposable. So we do disposable for her daily naps and overnight, otherwise it's the cloth.

I soak mine in a pail of water with borax mixed in. I let them soak for several days and then wash them. I do put them on the line occasionally, but I am as well in great white north so that isn't always an option.

I find using the borax really helps with the stains. They aren't completely gone but they are really noticeable either.


Opps! I meant "aren't" really noticable. hehe

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