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10 January 2007


Papa Bradstein

Totally understand, my man. And since you went a whole post without saying it: ZBaby is ginormous. And so cute.

Auntie M

Being your sister, I think I'm duty-bound to forgive you, but I love hearing about your adventures in baby raising! On another note, what an awesome outfit...I love BaFKAZ in the preppy look :)


Been missing you!!

(Were you standing on top of the couch to get that photo?)

zygote daddy

Actually...yes. I really wanted to capture his Moses-parting-the-Red-Sea pose.


The socks! They match the shirt! So cute!

samantha Jo Campen

I've been impatiently tapping my foot over here, waiting for you to post. But I didn't complain because you still posted pics on Flickr. But really? Don't let this long absence happen again. He's growing up too fast for us to miss out.


Little "Chins" is SO adorable!!! That shirt is so stinkin cute and wow...just a sweet sweet baby. I feel for ya about the whole name issue-I still use my kids names since I'm too stupid to think of a good nickname for each. of. them. *sigh* Happy posting!


18 hours a day? I hope you can feel my envy from half a country away, ZDad. It takes our four-month-old three days to get that much!

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