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25 January 2007



You go right ahead and beat that horse.
Such a beautiful baby and equally as beautiful? Reading what you write about him. The love and wonder that comes with new parenthood pours from every line.

Papa Bradstein

Oh, that is hilarious, and ohmigod is he a strapping young lad. That crawling thing is fun to watch, as they try to coordinate all those disparate parts of their body.

Danielle in Iowa

He's not going to have a boob obsession or anything when he grows up :-)

But what a cutie! I should stop by and see him again before he weighs more than I do.


He is such a good looking guy! Thanks for the update.


I love that image of Chins checking out all the other boobas out there. Funny in a baby, not so much in an adult. Hopefully he'll grow out of that. (Though my son still professes his love for, well, *those parts* even at age 4. And he's been weaned since he was 10 months old.)


what a cutie!
i can relate to your son's response to women. my son never had the benefit of breastfeeding although he did receive breast milk during his NICU days when he was a tiny one (1lb 6 oz birth weight 4 months early), he did become quite the boob man managing to check out and even grab when in the arms of any woman, young or old. perhaps it was all the kangaroo care when he was oh so tiny.
your big guy looks great.

the weirdgirl

Damn! Out of the carseat already?! Is he sleeping through the night?

He's gorgeous, by the way. Just looks like a six month old. He'll probably be able to buy beer at 15 AND beat off the older ladies.

samantha Jo Campen

Tee hee. He's checkin' out some boobies :-)

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