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28 February 2007


Danielle in Iowa

Gosh, baby tears. You might as well have written about one-legged puppies.

Papa Bradstein

Ugh, that is sad, and a difficult time but it will, er, pass. We used to beg 3B to learn how to fart so we could all get some sleep. I never thought that I'd forget saying something so strange to a stranger, but I had until I read your post. It will get better; Chins will learn how to fart; it will be a mixed blessing, but the sleep will be a blessing.


Awww, poor little guy. We fought with yeast with our first born (and I'm sure 2nd). Has the wife been using apple cider vinegar to wipe out his mouth and her nipples (and everything else)? Also, we found that acidophilus didn't work as efficiently as we would have liked. We instead started to use culturelle http://www.culturelle.com/ which has a strain that survives the stomach acid where acidophilus gets slaughtered by it. It's safe for babies (I called). Our newest one ended up with an imbalance in her gut (causing serious gas pain and room clearing super powers) and this cleared it up within a week.

I hate baby tears. Just wait until Brew Boy starts using those tears to his advantage.


Poor Chins! Poor you! Poor DW!
You'll remember this time when he's like 10 and he and his friends are able to fart on command. And you'll wish they weren't able to.

samantha Jo Campen

When my nephew first starting producing tears I turned into a mess. One day, no tears. Next day, tears. I literally ran around the room offering him anything and everything to get him to stop crying. I may have even dumped out my purse and given him all the money that was in there, I was that shaken. Just by his baby tears. Ugh.

I'm so sorry he's not tooting as much as necessary. Like PB said, this will pass. But just think of the stories you'll be able to tell him when he's older. "We wanted you to fart so bad, even though it smelled like nasty beer, we even wrote about it on the internet!" Put THAT in his baby book :-)


Poor little farty boy! Gas pain can be the worst.


Bi-carb mixed into water, then applied to the tongue after each feed will clear it out - apply to the nipple as well (separate cotton wool).

They say Vichy water, but Bi-card is cheaper and just as effective.

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