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19 February 2007



8.5-9 months. At least here.

But then they are crawling and pulling themselves up on everything, so you're constantly following them around, making sure they don't get hurt. Good times, good times.

Papa Bradstein

As soon as they're mobile enough to grab power cords, torchieres, bookshelves, and so on, which will be sooner than you expect.

Danielle in Iowa

I still like it when someone else occupies me :-)

zygote daddy

Sure, Danielle. Need me to come over and empty your dishwasher? :)


Do you have any ceiling fans in your house? Those proved to be great sources of distraction for both of my babies when they were babies.


Jackson is 6 weeks older than Chins and we were also running out of commentary when we stopped at a consignment store and bought a Bumbo seat and a walker. Beware that both of these require good head control.

He likes to sit in the Bumbo as long as he is elevated enough to see what's going on (totally against the instructions of course). And the walker entertains him for up to 30 minutes at a time! Best $10 we ever spent. The bouncer has been retired, long live the walker!


Babies do learn to entertain themselves. But it isn't long before they go from NEEDING you to entertain them to WANTING you to entertain them.

My daughter is 2 1/2, and has somewhat recently just begun to entertain herself for longer periods of time.


He likes shiny things? Is he part crow?
The running commentary is of course appropriate and is so good for their language development and bonding with you. They all learn to entertain themselves, especially if encouraged and given the tools to do so. Those "baby gyms" that they can lay under and look up at dangly toys are good, as are indestructible books- esp. ones that have real pictures of babies. I used to cut out pictures from magazines and tape them up at baby eye-level- the girls loved it.

Auntie M

Gosh, that's difficult. I definitely don't remember a certain brother of mine (you) needing to be occupied...of course if you weren't, you would break pencils in half, stick knives in perfectly shaped blocks of butter and cheese, and break all my hair elastics. Better teach that kid how to entertain himself lest you end up with a little tiny version of YOU!

samantha Jo Campen

At his age, my mom would plop me down on the bed so I could watch her fold sheets and towels. She said I laughed hysterically and it was the easiest thing to do to entertain me.

I was also a strange child, so take it for what it's worth.

another Amy

There is this magical time between learning to sit up without tipping over and learning to crawl. For us, 7-9 months are AWESOME. Baby will sit on the floor with a pile of toys or a laundry basket of underwear and amuse herself for an hour or more at a time, at best. She's been known to happily play with a piece of silk for 45 minutes.

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