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01 March 2007


Auntie M

Is that a camo diaper? If so, do you find that you frequently lose your baby because he blends in so seamlessly with the scenic Iowa background?

Danielle in Iowa

Look at those chubby little baby arms! How cute!


forget breakdancing - look at those gorgeous sausage arms & legs!

omgsh - delicious.

(and now i'm all nostalgic for my baby girl ... who's 4)


My God, those are amazing arms. I had skinny babies I guess!


It looks like you put rubber bands on his arms and legs to get those wonderful creases. I know there's a big ol' puddle of drool underneath his head to make the experience all the better.

Art Nerd

Must. Nibble. Creases!!

He's got chins on his arms, I love it!


When do we get your next post? Chins will be in preschool soon at the rate he's growing.

the weirdgirl

Oh, he looks like the Michelin Man!! How cute!

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