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09 April 2007


Auntie M

It's cool...maybe therapy won't be as expensive by the time he's 20! If you managed to snuggle him into an Easter outfit, feel free to post the photos on flickr :)

Liam Baldwin

We're tuned, we're tuned!

Liam Baldwin

We're tuned, we're tuned!

Liam Baldwin

There's a hell of an echo in this blog...


I was just saying to hubby the other day, You know, ZD just fell completely off the blog wagon. But, I guess he's probably a little busy. We miss you! But it's an easy decision: cutie patootie baby, sleeping, or blogging. Guess which one comes in last?

samantha Jo Campen

Can't Chins write posts of his own yet? Then we won't have to rely on you so much.

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