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10 May 2007



I love Mt. Ayr's neighbor towns: Tingley, Diagonal, and Gravity. Also the Poe Hollow County Park: was the area settled by English Goths, or are they just "poe as dirt"?

Just keep telling yourself, "There's no place like home..."

Papa Bradstein

That sounds as good as the ranger station I was in for a summer that had e. coli in the water, a burned-out water heater element, rats, and cluster flies. Then again, when we woke up, the meadow was all ours down at the bottom of a bowl on the West slope of the Rockies, and deer would come down to graze under our windows and around our deck. I guess my point is--boil your water for at least five minutes. Ya never know.

Danielle in Iowa

Uh yuck. It gives me the willies just thinking about it. Also makes me happy that my field site is Ada Hayden!

Oh and thanks for the coffee and chocolate. You guys are awesome!

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