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30 September 2007



Oh my! But this gives you warning and time to prepare your defenses. Just think twice about ever saying anything that expresses an opinion, and even then, you'll probably get this look. Enjoy unadulterated love and adoration while you can. Now you know why people get dogs.

Danielle in Iowa

Oh my god, that look is a riot! And he's so big! We need to get together sometime soon!


Get used to it. I think I graduated college before I stopped thinking "duh!" every time my dad opened his mouth.

I think that picture is not so much "you dumb Papa" as "I'm making you an offer you can't refuse". Brando-esque, really.

zygote daddy

You know, we picked up this awesome black American Apparel hoodie that day, and when he wore it he oozed as much menace as a 10-month-old could muster. Until he broke out in a fit of giggles, of course.

samantha Jo Campen

I want to marry that picture.

Also, you're in SO much trouble.

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