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21 November 2007



If that had been one of our cats, Chins would be scarred for life. Our two old men will tolerate a certain very small amount of gentle petting from the kids. Any loud noises or anything even close to grabbing, and they're either diving under the couch or lashing out with unsheathed claws.

PS: I Googled all that, and you're not on the first four pages of results. Not even Googling the post title. Rest easy. Yes, I need to get a life.

zygote daddy

Well, thanks for looking out for me, but I wonder if the Google-bot just hasn't made its rounds yet. We'll see. Maybe I'll have to write in code or something...

Papa Bradstein

"Tequila bully" should also get them here. One more thing to be thankful for, right? Glad that the cat has found some love and that the boy has a pet who he can love. As for me I love the new header photo.

Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Zygote family!

Auntie M and Sidekick C

Love the post! I think the little guy should come visit our Snuggles and test her patience. She can take a lot more attention than we are able to lavish as well (the the point that when I sit on the floor to stretch, she falls down next to me and looks so cute I have to stop what I'm doing to pet her). It's a tough life. Bully for you for making it all work! (Cory made me write that.)

samantha jo campen

That cat deserves a special place in Heaven, because OH. MY. GOD.

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