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14 November 2007



Ouch! I'm sorry about Drake's "run-in"... You ever think about moving up to something more substantial? That Scion may work in wussy California or surrender-monkey France, but you live in the US-of-Freakin'-A!
Drake would look cute behind the wheel of a yellow Hummer...


I'm cringing that I'm about to do this, but... If Chins was in the car during a crash, he'd be much safer if the chest buckle was up closer to his armpits. Or was that just a quick buckling-in for the picture?

My 18 month old is still rear-facing. She's only 20 pounds though!

Papa Bradstein

Sorry to hear about that and I hope that DW is feeling better soon. Rather than putting DW in a Hummer, how about if we put all 18-year-old drivers in Scions? Or, better yet, on scooters? You're right, that's not fair--we should put them on mopeds. Goodness knows I should have been on one. Oh wait, I was actually on my bike half the time, since I didn't have my very own pickup truck to drive around.

Papa Bradstein

Can I add one thing:

Kids these days! *poking at the air with my cane*


Yep, rear-facing to the limits of the seat (33 lbs or head even with top of shell for you) is the current recommendation. You've got a great seat for that! I love our Marathon!

And the insurance should definitely cover the replacement seat. Pitch a fit if they don't.

Danielle in Iowa

You have some bad luck! While I have crashed on my bike because of the darn kids in town, my car remains safe.

Art Nerd

These kids today, they are bastards, aren't they :)

zygote daddy

Christian: You know, I have a really hard time picturing my wine-sipping francophile expatriate brother shouting "US-of-Freakin'-A!"...careful not to get all that jingoism on your loafers.

Amy: I do my best, but that boy has the weirdest geometry.

PB: I don't think teenagers around here would know a Japanese car if they ran over one with a truck. Oh, wait...they have.

samantha Jo Campen

It's the Scion. The two other people I know that have them have had the worst luck with people hitting them too. It's like a bullseye!

Glad no one was seriously hurt. Hope DW gets feelin' right quick! (It took me almost a year for my back to stop hurting so make sure she keeps up with her appointments. Don't want her crippled!)

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