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02 December 2007


Danielle in Iowa

You're not a bad parent! You are just creating the future world expert in penguins! In 30 years, I'll pay you $20 if he doesn't have a PhD in penguinology by then ;-)

Auntie M

You're only a bad parent if you're perusing "phdcomics.com" while your child is being babysat by Morgan Freeman. If you instead peruse comics such as calvin and hobbes, or other classics then you're forgiven. But you've got to give up comics written for PhDs!


No, movies about penguins are good! Remember, young children are especially responsive to black/white contrast. (or is he already too old for that excuse?)


I'm only working on my Bachelors and I can not imagine being in grad school with a one year old when I want to tear my hair out just trying to write a simple essay on the American Revolution. Sesame Street Old School and some of that really bad for you Baby Einstein is a life saver, or essay saver.


If it weren't for PVR'd (Canadian Tivo) 'Play with me Sesame' we'd never eat. Bad parents UNITE!

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