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16 January 2008



Poor ZD. We're having a bright sunny day here today, but it's only going to be in the mid-30s F. Can't help you much on the relaxation score either.

But hey: fortune cookies mean Chinese food, which means not having to cook a meal, right? There's cause for celebration in my book!

Auntie M

Oh, man. Bummer. Well, at least you can relax with the fact that what comes with these 70 degree sunny San Diego winters (yes, I've been wearing capris and t-shirts this week!) are a lack of the sheer joy of seeing the first flowers of the spring, looking forward to the warm sun on your cheeks after a cold winter, and wearing all those cute sweaters you've collected. But, really, 70 degrees is fairly awesome. Sorry, bro.

Danielle in Iowa

Well, the fortune cookie doesn't give a timeline, does it! Maybe it is predicting that you will graduate and get a sweet faculty job in Santa Cruz or something :-)

zygote daddy

Now there's some positive thinking, Danielle!


I got that exact same fortune once! I took it as metaphorical sunshine, i.e. happiness in general, because I also got mine in the middle of winter--the day before moving from one Boston suburb to another, nicer Boston suburb.


More in breking fortune cookie related news...


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