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28 March 2008



Too bad you weren't blogging for a while, or we could have witnessed the gradual change from cute baby to handsome boy!


Glad you're back!


Welcome back - Red's a cutie! And that looks like one fine handknit sweater he's wearing (just guessing)!


I had noticed Red's more svelte look! It's amazing how all those rolls do eventually get "burned off" by all that vertical growth.

zygote daddy

It is a hand knit sweater in fact, from Red's farmor (that is, paternal grandmother). He was just on the verge of outgrowing it when he started slimming down again. Thankfully it now looks like it will last through the spring. You hate to think that so many hours might go into something that wouldn't get worn!


Aw, he lost his chins. He's so grown up looking! I'm loving the red hair.


Keep the name... A brand identity should not be taken for granted! At this point ZD is your virility's public image.
I suggest thinking about some natural brand extensions such as shirts, lens caps, golf umbrellas, etc.

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