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26 March 2008



A nice extended-bf'ing story for you:

Olivia weaned when she was 15 months. That was EIGHT MONTHS AGO, or over a quarter of her life. We have not even discussed nursing in at least six months, she hasn't seen babies nursing that I know of, just nothing. She still calls my 'that' 'nurse', but it's just an identifying word.

SO, last weekend, LAST WEEKEND, I was in a robe post-shower and she opened it and pointed and said 'nurse', which, sure, yeah. That's what she calls it. Then she paused for a few seconds, looked really thoughtful, and then said "EAT IT", and went in with her mouth. YIKES!

Danielle in Iowa

He really makes milking motions? For real? That's hilarious :-)


I always felt that once they started talking, nursing just had to go. I weaned my kids before then, but I knew that would be the absolute limit. No pointing and saying "Gimme that!"


Ezra started signing "milk" a couple of months ago, but he's recently become very cocky in his use of it. While he is nursing, he will stare at DH out the side of his eye and hold his fist up and start signing, like he's saying, "Yeah, too bad for you, dude." And the other day he pulled off, smirked and signed "more" then "milk," and latched back on.

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