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13 July 2008


Danielle in Iowa

Where on earth did your child get rubber cockroaches from?

Auntie M

1) I love how he treats his drawing of a bug...like an actual bug
2) You are spoiling your child's ego, unless Richard Scarry really wrote a book where every line is "buh-dub-a-duh" :)
3) I love how he always puts bugs on the back of his arm and not in his hand
4) I love your child. Soooo awesome.

samantha jo campen


Papa Bradstein

Beautiful. Such a good reader!

zygote daddy

Not sure where that cockroach came from. My guess is the zoo gift shop. We usually let him pick a couple of things from the 10-cent bin for the ride home.

Hey sis -- we spoil his ego, everyone else in the family gets to spoil the rest of him! :)

the weirdgirl

That look of concentration is priceless! Definitely a serious artist.

always home and uncool

Whoa! That's one advanced bugologist.


One of Olivia's favourite things to say is 'dubba dubba dubba', shame these two can't meet up as I am sure it would make for fascinating conversation :)



So... rumour has it that there is a new addition to your family??? That might just be a rumour though.

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