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11 September 2008



Surely you saw that coming! It's so cute how they shake their heads in unison...

Danielle in Iowa

Only the heartless can emerge from the shelter without a pet!

So dude I am totally coming over to play with your dog.

And, I mentioned this to to the wife when I saw her yesterday, but we're having a bbq on sunday from 4-8 - stop by if you'd like!

Sooo cute! We just got ourselves a dog from a shelter as well. Must be something in the air...


Just found myself with a new puppy and kitten. It brings a whole new perspective to your life!

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Papa Bradstein

How did I miss this until now? You are the best parents ever. Of course you brought home a dog, and of course Red loves him, and he loves Red. That video is so cute, I had to watch it twice, and not just for the Crissy Field shirt.


O.M.G.! You have just given him his best friend for the entire rest of his childhood. And the dog's best friend for life. Go you! great dad.

You did a good thing! And what a temperment! There are some breeds that even an adult should never play tug-of-war with because it encourages opposition, but this dog is so gentle and non-dominant--just perfect! If I may quote, "Go you!" Now you are the perfect American family!

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