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11 December 2008



So, Red must have been a scientist in an earlier life, and when he was recycled, excuse me, reborn, the Powers That Be didn't completely delete all earlier knowledge and personality. Does that sound like a sufficiently scientific explanation?


there is a chance he'll do a 180 on this within a few years, too... Our W, now 4, loved playing with bugs as a tot, then one day decided he hated them. they scared him, he didn't want them near him, even flies. he's back to being ok with them now, but it was interesting how his opinion of them changed.


I have no children, but have substitute-taught them, in the past. And the thing I remember most about that job was how much the children taught me!


My 6 yo son still always lets bugs crawl all over him. I worked hard to instill the mantra: "(insert crawly thing here) are helpful because they control the population of other bugs/make honey/pollinate flowers/help us grow food/aerate the soil/feed the birds/etc."* Kind of long for a mantra, but my kids totally get it now.

*Except for hornets; they're just mean.


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